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April 30th, 2014

Nadeem forever wins Hearts and  Minds of his beloved Pakistan while keeping his unique character & strength: His career longevity of four decades with consistent high profile intuitive acting which evolves from a heavy lidded languorous playfulness when he was young to the 'Senior Statesman' and quintessential 'Father Figure' he is today is clear evidence of his staying power! He is stands out as a premier actor in Pakistan at a time when the industry makes it's comeback from virtual annihilation.

Nadeem depending on his role can have soothing peaceful effect on his audience not unlike Nelson Mandela making him a Mandela-like 'Father figure' in Pakistan and possibly the sub-continent if he had more cross-Asia access. He is like a “...Bridge over troubled water...” to put it into poetic vernacular.
Nadeem can sing, dance, act and do everything on stage with grace, elegance and a humble demeanor that shines thru to any group making an everlasting impact. He connects to his audience going beyond the boundaries of language, or demographics, the bereaved father, the angry leader, the concerned doctor to over 200 plus roles he handles with ease from TV to Film making him a true dramatic force to contend with in any arena. Rich in professional experience, his fellow thespians young & old alike flock to him...Wanting to touch that 'Glow' & get his blessing for their careers. Nadeem is such a 'Star' fixture in Pakistan that people feel a healing hand has touched them just by looking at his image!! Now that is 'Brand' recognition with real emotion.

2014 has been a busy year for this driven Award winning actor who never quits: Back to back hit TV serials plus two more new movies 'The System' & 'Hijrat' in the pipeline make this acting juggernaut one of the hardest workers in Pakistani entertainment. Nadeem is a whirlwind that cannot stop, proving to all that 'attitude & a willingness to work' is key not 'Age'.

Always in demand for any film based project Nadeem lends his 'Star Power' to The System with Shahzad Ghufor's cast and crew: This film deals with the real -life 'Nitty Gritty' of dealing with & conquering powers in the society beyond our control (The System). As Nadeem himself is a 'self-made man' not someone born to power or advantage he can create relevance for his general audience that touches their everyday lives. He in conjunction with 'The System' film-team portrays a 'Ray of Hope' for those who suffer in Pakistan with the realities forced upon them by uncontrolled arbitrary forces. 

Born in 1941, at Bezawada Madras Presidency, what was then British India (The Raj), Nadeem has truly witnessed & experienced real -life 'Hijrat'. The promises made to Muslims in India and the many heart-breaks on that road to partition are truly the tapestry of his life. Blood-shed, tragedy, families torn-apart and chaos: The realities of partition are no strangers to him: This 'Agony' in his development may have made him so strong. In Farouq Mengal's étude “Hijrat ' he shares his mega-talent with newly minted stars Asad Zaman and Rabia Butt. 'Hijrat' will be a glittering addition to quality films from Pakistan unlike the larger sub-continent's more frivolous film menu that is geared to pacify the masses instead of posing important social questions.

A youthful Nadeem, along with artists Talat Hussein, M. Zaheer Khan, Aftab Azeem, Saleem Jafry, and TV producer Iqbal Haider, were all discovered at the 'Club'. He and some friends Ameer Ahmed Khan and Qasim Siddiqui won  musical competitions and was noticed by the then famous singer Ferdausi Rahman Begum who encouraged him to do playback singing in Dhaka's budding film industry.

He started his film career in 1967 and became a major Pakistani star in the 80's and 90's. His first lead role Chakori ('67) opposite actress Shabana won him the Nigar award which is equivalent to what the Oscar's are in the West. Nadeem had excellent chemistry with Shabana and she became his favorite co-star for many films that followed.

Charming, soft-spoken, unassuming & smooth Nadeem is like liquid gold to his many fans in the Urdu entertainment world. He can command without raising his voice and he knows how to cast a glance and make is audience hold their breath. Nadeem is known all over Pakistan is is revered by young & old alike.

208 feature films and 19 Nigar Awards later, Nadeem Baig is still going full blast! His latest movie in 2013 was 'Main Hoon Shahid Afridi' a cricket saga that had people back in droves to Pakistani Theaters. May this inspiring and super talented entertainer continue to work his magic on audiences world-wide even if he is a quiet, peaceful man within despite the many illusions he projects so well.

Nadeem generates deep respect in those whom he chances to meet...May he continue to dazzle us for years to come inspiring, guiding the younger generations to strive for originality & to always aim for quality in films with real substance not mere copies of the West or the larger markets.

Nadeem is unique and very original to Pakistan, but his reach via his talent is boundless:  His in-depth knowledge of the Acting craft, superb sense of social acumen along with his unparallelled energy and volume of work make it easy to say he he 'One of a kind' and his audience knows at once that  'Nadeem is Nadeem' there is no other.   




September 24, 2006, 4:45:16 PM

Nadeem Baig is in a fact an institute in his personality. He is not only a polished actor but a person having an excellent character. What so ever has been written on him till date can not justify his personally and cannot appreciate the talent and his contribution towards the cause of promotion of film industry. People of Pakistan will not forget every character performed by him for a long time. Nadeem Baig is the most popular personality of film industry.              

In 1984, I meet first time with Mr. Baig through my uncle Mr. Qadeer Khan film producer. He was so humble and caring that I could not forget the war no feelings of the first meeting with him. After that we continued meeting each other. I am proud to say that when ever Mr. Baig visited Islamabad I had meetings with him. Later on our meetings changed into friendship. I have been very close him. He is a man of strong nerves having a very fine personality. He always had a very soft corner for poor. We can proudly say that an actor of his calibre is not available in Pakistan and even sub continent. He is very conscious about his health which he maintaining very carefully and successfully. He always measured his weight when even he ate an egg. These are few worlds from my heart I could not express his personality successfully.

However I pray for his long life and hope that he will continue dominating the film Industry.


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